Audio-Visual Labels

We supply graphic overlays and labels for the sound, vision and music sectors. 

Solutions include precision dial gauges, overlays with transparent windows, buttons and branding motif’s.

We also supply a significant number of instructional labels to this sector for use on the back of electronic equipment as well as stage and event equipment containing assembly instructions for enhanced ease of use.

Many of our customers have chosen us to manufacture their branding labels including screen-printed brand labels, emblems and motifs as well as vinyl stickers, bubble labels, and foil based specials.

Colour Coding

An important aspect of our work in the audio-visual sector is the requirement for labels and graphic overlays to aid socket identification, generally achieved by use of colour coding jacks sockets and points.

Overlays As Direct Marking Replacement

We have worked with clients in the past that had traditionally used direct spray paint, screen printing and anodising for control panel detailing who have found that the precision, accuracy and quality of a corresponding graphic overlay can achieve a superior effect and in the long run prove cost effective.

Whilst a direct price comparison might at first appear steep, when the durability of a polypropylene graphic overlay is considered against that of spray paint, direct screen printing and anodising where print can be worn away with use and errors and be costly to replace, the total cost of a polypropylene graphic overlay is competitive.

Below is a graphic overlay by the side of an aluminium