Catering Labels

We supply labels for food manufacturers for production environments, produce shipping and packaging as well as companies in the catering sector.

We also offer high quality instructional labels for plant and equipment as well as overlays for control panels, fascias and gauges in food grade materials, both hygienic and anti-microbial. 

We can also produce label solutions for corrosive environments including caustic and acid processing plant as well as high and low temperature environments for bakeries and frozen food processing etc.

As well as production facilities and processing sites we can offer labels and branding for food items including information labels, packaging labels, container seals and branding. 

Anti-Microbial Labels

We offer a range of materials that are suited for hygienic environments, usually with embedded silver to prevent bacterial cell production and fungal/mould growth etc. We commonly use polyester label materials where anti-microbial properties are requires. Polyester is available in film thicknesses of 

  • 75µm
  • 125µm
  • 150µm
  • 175µm

Wash Down Area Compatible

If you run a wash-down area you will require labels on your equipment and control systems that will stand both regular washing (3-4 times a day) and exposure to fluids as well as the aggressive agents often used that can reduce the life expectancy of many labelling and marking techniques such as spray paint, anodising and vinyl overlays.

Cold Room and Freezer Environment Labels

We supply labels with suitable adhesives for low temperature applications such as freezer units, walk-in cold rooms and ice equipment If you are looking for labels and graphic overlays for these types of environments, please call us to discuss a suitable solution for your needs