Frequently Asked Questions

What are your lead times?

Delivery times are 7 – 10 days upon receipt of the order.

How much will a job typically cost?

We manufacturer bespoke products and as such we tailor a product to a customers specific needs and because of this it’s very hard to give a typical price as there are many variables to take into account such as tooling, artwork, size, shape and material type.

We are however more than happy to give you a quote which is quick and painless so please feel free to get in touch with us.

Do we have to pay for tooling costs everytime?

No! The tooling cost will be a one off charge for the manufacture of the tool, once you have paid you will not have to pay again so long as it’s a repeat order.

Can we adhere the product in a variety of environments?

Yes you can! All you need to do is tell us what the product will be used for and we will supply you with exactly what you need, whether it’s a tamper proof label, a decal for outdoors, a label needed for extreme temperatures or a keyboard overlay we will guarantee to supply you with exactly what you need.

Obviously once we have assessed your situation we will advise you on what material and adhesive combination can be used ranging from the cheaper material to more expensive material depending on your needs and price range.

Will the ink fade in the sunlight?

No, the ink will not fade as Screen Printed inks are very lightfast however it is important to use a UV resistant material so please tell us if your product will be subject to direct sunlight.

What do we need to do to get the ball rolling?

All you need to do is let us know your requirements which will allow us to give you a quote and if you are happy with your quote then place an order and supply us with your artwork. The next stage is to create a digital proof to make sure you are happy with our work, then the production of your order will commence on receipt of your sign off.

If we have been asked to create an awkward item for your product then it is not unusual for us to request that you lend us your product just to make sure we can get everything absolutely right.

What if we don’t have your artwork?

Not to worry, we are more than happy to give you help and guidance in this area and we even have our own in-house designer who would be able to offer their assistance.

What makes you different from other Screen Printing Manufacturers?

We take pride in our work and can offer you the complete product service and at a very cost effective price. We have a very strong team who have vast knowledge and experience of the industry.

We will make the whole process run smoothly and efficiently by communicating effectively with you through every single step of the process.

If you still have a question then please feel free to drop us an e-mail or give us a call.