Heat Resistant Labels

We manufacture custom Heat Resistant Label solutions for extreme temperature environments.

We have years of experience with the production of Heat Resistant Labels, including overlays etc., and have a number of well kept secrets for achieving this.

We are often approached and asked if we have the capability to manufacture labels that are able to withstand extreme temperatures and our answer is always the same, yes!

We’re able to supply High Temperature Labels that can withstand a constant 200°C heat all day and every day whilst showing no ill effects as well as labels that can be applied to metal that has been heated to 1000°C whilst still maintaining the print and label integrity.

Due to our wealth of knowledge and vast experience in the print industry we’ve been able to produce printed solutions for several clients of ours by working with material suppliers and developing our own unique material combination offering them extreme temperature labels that can work to their exact temperature guidelines.


Heat Resistant Labels used in applications above 300°C use a specialist heat activated adhesive in which the adhesive is activated by the elevated temperature.

Here are some examples of industries/products that we’ve supplied extreme temperature labels to:

  • Race vehicles
  • Generators & Transformers
  • Electronic components
  • Household appliances
  • Industrial equipment and Machinery
  • Food industry (warehousing/storage/kitchens)

Electronic Circuit and PCB Labels

We can supply labels in specialist material for medium range high temperature environments, typically associated with PCB circuits and electronic systems where high temperatures through CPU’s are an issue and any labels are required to not store and transfer heat or increase the relative temperature around them as insulators, compromising designed heat exchanges processes.

Under Bonnet Labels

We can supply labels on material specially designed for under bonnet labels around engine and exhaust areas.

Heat Resistant Tags

For applications where tags are sufficient where they can be hung or pinned to a high temperature application component we can supply a range of tags suited for most applications.


If you have a particular application that you require heat resistant labels for, please feel free to ask us for some blank samples for testing on your applications. Please note, many heat resistant labels will require specialist applicators for use with hot materials.

Please bear in mind that we are a bespoke print manufacturing company who can produce any print requirement that you may have.

No project however big or small is too much for us so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today to discuss your print requirements for a quotation.