Instructional Labels

We can offer Instructional Labels for machinery, public spaces, consumer products and other applications. 

We have experience with instructional labels for electronic machinery including maintenance instructions, service instructions and assembly/disassembly instructions including diagrams in multiple colours on polycarbonate, polyester and PVC substrates. 

Polycarbonate Instructional Labels

Typically instructional labels are required to be durable and fade resistant. Polycarbonate is an ideal material for this end and can be specified in a range of thickness’s. We can take take customer artwork in most formats including .pdf files and prepare slides for instructional labels in two, three or four colours as required with precision tolerances.

Whether your instructional label is to be used on the back of a lorry or hydraulic equipment or on the back of an electronic appliance, we can supply you with high specification durable labels to meet your requirements.

Disposable Vinyl Instructional Labels

Disposable vinyl instructional labels can be supplied on rolls and sheets in higher volume for temporary applications such as product assembly instructions, packaging instructional labels and shipping/transport labels where time in use is limited.


Applications for instructional labels often include.

  • electric circuit instructions
  • assembly instructions
  • operational instructions
  • emergency instructions
  • warning information
  • handling instructions
  • hazardous information
  • handling and lifting instructions
  • ratings and load information
  • hydraulic pressure charts
  • capability and rating instructions


We mainly work to customer specification and can handle all common artwork file formats but we can also offer in-house artwork creation for basic instructional labels (text with minor graphic features).