Keypad And Keyboard Surrounds

We are specialist producers of keypad and keyboard surround overlays and membranes. 

Common applications include point of sale terminals, portable control consoles, human machine interfaces and telephone systems.

We can offer polycarbonate, polyester and PVC keypad and keyboard surrounds for all types of instruments and control panels.

Colours and Design

We offer keypad and keyboard surrounds in two, three and four colours (more available if required) and can also offer dithering to achieve colour gradient effects and toning.

We can also offer differential texturing to mix gloss and matt finishes to highlight logos, instructional areas and the like as required.

Colour matching of the overlay surround and the material substrate can also be offered.

Raised, Flat and open Buttons

We can integrate a variety of button features including raised buttons for use with integrated press button features on the finished device, flush button areas that overlay directly over the item button area or over slightly recessed buttons as well as open button spaces for projecting button features.

If you are unsure what sort of solution you require we are always happy to help.

Common Applications

Common applications that out keypad and keyboard graphic surrounds are used for include:

  • card readers
  • chip and pin machines
  • petrol pumps
  • ATMs
  • telephone systems
  • machinery controls

Versatile Market Deployment

A significant benefit of printed keypad and keyboard surround overlays and membranes is that manufactures that are delivering products to varied countries with differing languages and possibly branding strategies can apply the finished overlays in language specific formats on common hard finished product platforms allowing for increased flexibility in manufacture.