Magnetic Labels

We can supply screen printed magnetic labels up to 1m square.

Magnetic labels are ideal for vehicle advertising, warehouse labelling and promotional applications (fridge magnets).

Branded Write-On Magnetic Labels

Branded write-on magnetic labels are ideal for industrial such such as storage areas and shipping depots where labelling is temporary and racking areas are predominantly metal.

We can screen print branded and formatted information labels to any size on which customers can then write information such as dates, delivery details and tracking codes. these solutions can provide a commercial area with a sense of order and quality that is cheap in the long run and formalises on -floor logistics management.

Vehicle Branding

Magnetic labels and nameplates are ideal for vehicle branding where companies like to preserve resale value of their fleet or where vehicle roles can frequently change.

Warehouse Labels

We can offer a full range of standard and custom magnetic labels for warehouse applications including rack asset identification, weight limits and shipping details.

For more information on our warehousing labels, click here.