Medical Labels

Many of our customers come from the medical sector and require a range of label solutions including standard paper informational labels, warning labels, bar coding solutions and lab grade solutions for chemical resistance as well as biologically inert and bacteria resistance applications. we can offer everything from high-end solutions through to roll labels. 

Our customers include medical and pharmaceutical contractors and manufacturers through to hospitals, surgeries and care facilities.

Cleaning Agent Resistant

We can supply high quality labels and graphic overlays that are resistant to cleaning agents commonly used in medical environments.

Anti-Microbial Labels

We can supply labels and graphic overlays that have defined anti-microbial properties. this is generally done through the addition of silver which prevents micro-organisms ability to produce cells and survive. These types of labels are generally used to limit bacterial growth, fungi and moulds and is ideal for all clean room environments.

We can provide anti-microbial blank asset labels for items such as blood bags and bottles that can be printed on at the customers facility or written on as required.

Lexan Labels

Lexan labels are commonly used in the medical sector for its chemical resistance. We can offer all labels for the medical sector in Lexan. For more information on our Lexan services click here.

A common Lexan label for the medical sector is Lexan Velvet 250µm 8B35 with a 3M 7962 (467) adhesive, which is ideal for aggressive wash-down environments.

Defibrillator Labels

We can supply labels labels and graphic overlays for defibrillators for placement in public areas. Typically defibrillator instructional labels are required to provide simple instructions for the operation of defibrillators in either text, images or both. We can work with customer artwork to provide durable and long lasting instructional labels for wall mounting or attachment to equipment with suitable adhesives.