Melinex Labels

We can supply Melinex labels for electronic applications.

Melinex is an advanced form of polyester with very specific properties. We can supply labels in Melinex 339 and 401.

Melinex labels are available in the following thickness’s: 

  • 50µm
  • 75µm
  • 100µm
  • 125µm
  • 175µm
  • 250µm
  • 330µm

Melinex labels are exceptionally strong with high tensile, tear and impact strength. They also retain these properties across the -70°C to 150°C temperature ranges. 

Electrical Shielding

Melinex offer electrical insulation where such properties are required in graphic overlays and can also be used specifically as electrical barriers in electrical components such as motors and transformers.

Thermal Barriers

Melinex is often used to help provide a thermal barrier to a component as well as a graphic overlay or label that itself wont store heat energy.

High Transparency

Melinex is often used were a highly transparent film is required for a graphic overlay which might include a small VDU. Respective Haze values are:

  • 50µm: <0.6
  • 75µm: <1
  • 100µm: <1

Total Luminous Transmission (TLT) is given as:

  • 50µm: 17
  • 75µm: 13
  • 100µm: 8
  • 125µm: 6
  • 175µm: 4

Chemical Resistance

Melinex offers the following chemical resistance.

  • Dilute acids and alkalis: Good
  • Concentrated Alkalis: Poor
  • Concentrated hydrochloric acid: Fair
  • Concentrated sulphuric acid: Poor
  • Greases, oils and fats: Good
  • Organic solvents, alcohols and hydrocarbons: Good
  • Ketones, esters and chlorinated compound: Fairly Good
  • Phenols, cresols and chlorinated phenols: Poor