Screen Printed Labels

Our primary focus is screen printed labels. 

We offer screen printed labels in Polycarbonate, Polyester and PVC with a range of adhesive layers to suit your medium application.

High Volume Label Manufacture

Screen Printing offers a versatile solution for high volume label production. Whether you require material specific solutions for precision applications or low cost solutions for temporary label applications, screen printing is a cost effective method of producing labels in high volumes.

Close Tolerance Precision

Screen Printed labels offer close tolerance precision on the finished product which means sharp lines and line accuracy down to ±0.2mm. These benefits make screen printing a natural choice when labels are required for use with electronic instruments or other items with calibrated gauges or where label profiles are required cut out with fitting on complex shaped substrates, for example, where screw holes, control dials and windows are involved.

Reverse Printing

The key to high quality screen printed labels in the ability to reverse print onto clear materials such as polycarbonate, polyester and PVC which is then backed with a suitable adhesive. Reverse printed solutions allow for a more durable label on which the label graphics are protected by the physical layer and as such not prone to wearing off through use, cleaning or exposure to extreme environments.


Screen printed labels are often used where specific material properties are required for protection against exposure to elements including:

  • aggressive chemicals
  • oils
  • acids and alkalis
  • water
  • vigorous cleaning
  • extreme temperatures
  • sunlight
  • bacteria
  • detergents