Security Labels

Security labelling generally falls into two main areas, both of which will either indicate as to whether the label has been removed or if an attempt has been made to remove the label.

A void evident label will make it abundantly clear if the label has been removed as it will either leave words (such as VOID’) or symbols (typically chain-link symbols) to the surface it was adhered to once the label has been removed. Once the void evident label is removed, the words or symbols that will be left on a product or surface will be very obvious and difficult to remove.

Ultra-destructible labels will break up into tiny pieces if an attempt is made to remove the label. This helps to identify if someone has made an attempt to remove the label as it will be extremely evident due to the construction of an ultra-destructible label.

We’re able to offer the following features for our printed security labels:

  • We can print your own design
  • Varying background and text colours
  • Variable print detail
  • QR codes
  • Serial numbering
  • Various label shapes and sizes

Both of these security labels are excellent deterrents and are often used by clients where security is paramount. If, however, you can’t find what you’re looking for then please do contact us with your detailed requirement as we are able to offer many more security labelling solutions.

For a free quotation please call to speak with a member of our helpful team. Alternatively, please e-mail us and receive a quotation today for your security label requirement.