Telecoms Labels

Many of our customers are in the telecommunications sector including equipment suppliers, service providers and handset suppliers. 

We can supply Graphic Overlays for control equipment and instrumentation.

Our work is generally high volume with a lot carried out in zylone.

Applications include:

  • Servers
  • Switch Gear
  • Hand Sets
  • Datanet Pager
  • Routers
  • PBX Equipment

Lexan Labels

We offer Lexan where CTI values are critical. Lexan is available from 75µm.

CTI Rated Materials

We offer CTI rated materials, including Lexan and can offer CTI testing if required for an additional charge. CTI rated materials are available from 75µm.


An important factor in some of the work we carry out for the telecoms sector is material traceability back to source. If traceability is required, please let us know.


RoHS compliant labels can be supplied were required. Most of our labels are RoHS compliant by default but if RoHS compliance is critical we can offer appropriate materials as well as certificates of conformity etc.