Asset Labels

We can supply labels, stickers and tags for asset marking schemes. 

Labels can be blanks, include sequential numbering, bar-codes and be writeable on.

Polypropylene Asset Labels

Polypropylene asset labels are durable and suited for a wide range of environments including outdoors and wide temperature ranges.

Polyester Asset Labels

Polyester asset labels are suited for harsh environments where chemicals and cleaning agents might be in place. Specific polyester material is generally selected for each application, for example, high temperature, low temperature environments, substrates to be applied and expected chemical exposures (hydraulics, corrosives, alkalis, fluids etc.).

Vinyl Asset Labels

We can supply vinyl asset labels which are generally a cheaper option where long term life expectancy is not required. Vinyl asset labels can be screen printed, digitally printed or produced with thermal transfer or lithographic techniques.

Aluminium Asset Labels 

We can supply aluminium asset labels commonly applied to boats and vessels as well as higher temperature regime environments such as vehicles and motorbikes etc. as well as generators and general machinery.

Tamper and Destructible Asset Labels 

We can supply tamper and destruct-able asset labels for applications where label integrity and security are important. For more information on our security labels pleaseĀ click here.